Moisture Minder

      Solution for on-line moisture measurement

Moisture Minder is the Piovan solution for on-line measurement of moisture in plastic granules, without the need for longer, more expensive and complex laboratory analysis.

Moisture Minder continuously monitors the residual humidity content trend. It is possible to eliminate both “blind time” between one sample and the following one and delay taking prompt corrective actions. The analysis is automatically performed by Moisture Minder without any operator intervention and without the necessity of personnel with specific skills; the only task for the operator is to select the correct material from the internal database.

Moisture Minder can be fully integrated into the new generation of Piovan dryer - Genesys Next or can be supplied with a stand-alone for older dryers. In the second case, the HMI is a 7” colour touch panel, is intuitive and user friendly. Moisture Minder can be a key element in the customer’s quality system since it provides a complete and continuous report of critical parameters such as the residual humidity content and allows near-realtime corrective action.

Moisture Minder is versatile: two models are available with the ability to detect varying humidity levels. Moisture Minder is not only easy to use but also to maintain: the only operation required is a periodic zeroing, by means of a simple software procedure.


• Easy to use, without the necessity of any experience in laboratory analysis
• Easy to maintain without requiring frequent calibrations
• Reliable and accurate results
• Real time reading for continuous control of the process
• Essential for quick response and prompt corrective action to avoid over-drying or under-drying




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